「Trolling the dump」「玉子焼の支配者」in ENSOKU MANGA

ENSOKU MANGAのサービスが6月末で終了と言うことで、以前ブログでもご紹介させていただいた「Trolling the dump」「玉子焼の支配者」が今月いっぱいで見ることが出来なくなります。そんな訳で今のうちにご覧頂ければ幸いです。( ˘ω˘ )

ENSOKU MANGA the moving comic service will be finished at June 30th, and the movies of my comics "Trolling the dump" and "玉子焼の支配者" are impossible to watch them after that. If you want to watch them, you're able to enjoy here until that;

「Trolling the dump」




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